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All Corrective Services NSW (CSNSW) psychologists are registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). CSNSW psychologists operate under the professional standards and guidelines of the Psychology Board of Australia and AHPRA. CSNSW psychologists participate in regular supervision practices and participate in professional development activities to maintain quality service delivery.

CSNSW psychology is made up of two main areas, Psychology Services and Psychology Programs. Each of these areas provides specialised assessment and intervention based on an individual's needs, offence behaviours and risk of reoffending. 

Psychology Services

Psychology services are provided to individuals who are under the supervision of CSNSW in both custodial and community environments. Psychologists work with these individuals to provide assessment and intervention for a variety of issues including:

  • Active symptoms of mental illness
  • Risk / Intent to suicide / self-harm
  • Cognitive impairments
  • Institutional violence
  • Disruptive behaviours

Offending behaviours such as violent and sexual offending.

Individuals who are under the supervision of CSNSW can be referred for psychological services at any time. Most commonly referrals are received from other staff members with in CSNSW including Services and Programs Officers and Community Corrections Staff members. Other referral sources include Justice Health and the Forensic Mental Health Network (JHFMHN) and The Courts.

Individuals who require specific psychological intervention may be referred to Specific Needs units for focused assessment and intervention

  • The Mental Health Screening Unit
  • The Acute Crisis Management Unit
  • The Mum Shirl Unit
  • State-wide Disability Services
  • Additional Support Unit
  • Mothers and Childrens

Psychology Programs

Psychology programs are provided to individuals who are under the supervision of CSNSW in both custodial and community environments. Psychologists in this area work with sentenced individuals and deliver offence specific intervention, targeted at reducing rates of reoffending. These programs include


Each area of psychology is overseen by Chief Psychologists and State-wide Directors.

All policies, procedures and practices for psychologists within CSNSW are informed by the conditions of practice of the Psychology Board of Australia and AHPRA; the conditions of employment by the Crown Employees (Psychologists) Award of 2009; and the core business objectives of CSNSW.

  • The Director State-wide Services and the Director State-wide Programs provide advice to senior staff of Corrective Services on matters relating to psychological services for offenders in custody and in the community, including effective deployment of staffing resources, program design, range of services to be provided, and standards for delivery of psychological services.
  • Are responsible for the development of policy and procedural guidelines that facilitate an integrated delivery of psychological services and programs
  • Negotiate and ensure the conduct of relevant research to produce standards of better practice for the development, delivery and effectiveness of psychological services and programs
  • Maintain and direct standards of professional supervision of psychologists in Corrective Services NSW
  • Provide advice and support in relation to the development, accreditation, approval and evaluation of psychological programs and services
  • Represent Corrective Services NSW to external agencies and individuals as key contacts on matters related to psychology and the practice of psychologists in Corrective Services NSW.

Strategic and operational decisions relating to policy, procedures and practices of psychologist in CSNSW are recommended by the Psychological Clinical Governance Team, made up of:

  • Director State-wide Services
  • Director State-wide Programs
  • Chief Psychologists
  • State-wide Manager Specific Needs
  • Manager Countering Violent Extremism Programs
  • Manager Business Process Support Unit, Offender Services & Programs
  • Field Representatives (Psychologists)
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11 May 2023

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