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Video Transcripts Remote Witness Room

Key areas demonstrated in this video include:

  1. Login & Home page
  2. Create appointment
  3. View appointment details
  4. Edit appointment

[An introduction screen displays]

This video will outline the steps to create remote witness room bookings in JUST Connect.

In this example, I'm the court registrar who is making the booking.

[The JUST Connect Home page displays]

Once logged into JUST Connect the Home page displays.

Appointments can be created from both the home page, or the schedule

To create a remote witness room booking, click Create appointment

[User Click Create Appointment]

The New Appointment screen displays. This screen may appear slightly different for other users.

Complete the Agenda details by selecting from the drop down lists.

In this instance, we're creating a remote witness room booking, so we'll select the appointment type as Court

[User selects the option of 'Court' from the Appointment Type drop down List]

We'll leave the mode as Video, and change the Jurisdiction to Local Court

[User selects 'Local Court' from the Jurisdiction drop down list]

Select the purpose for the appointment. Please note…you should only select the purpose as Witness Appearance if an inmate is attending the appointment as the witness. For all remote witness room bookings, you should select Hearing as the purpose

[User selects the purpose of the meeting as 'Hearing' from the Purpose drop down list]

Scroll down to view the Attendees & Time section

[The user scrolls down]

Click the date field to select the date for the booking

[The user clicks the Date field and a calendar displays on screen. The user then clicks on a date within the calendar. This selects the date and displays it in the Date field]

Then enter the To and From times to book the room for the duration of the day

[The user clicks the 'To' field and a drop down lists displays with a series of times. The user scrolls through this list and selects the option of 9.30am. The user then selects the 'From' field and again scrolls through the available times in the drop down list to select the option of 4.30pm]

Next, we need to add the remote witness room to the booking.

Click Add Attendee

[The user clicks the Add Attendee button. The Add attendee pop up window displays]

The add attendee pop up window displays.

Select Remote Witness

[The user selects the Remote Witness option from the Add Attendee pop up window]

The remote witness room has been added to the booking

Enter the witness information into the free text field. You only need to enter the information applicable to your location and booking.

[The user enters the following text into the Witness Information free text field:

2017/00649875; ODPP/Police v John Smith; Legal Representative: Mary Cho; Hearing Duration: 1 hour; Offence: Common Assault]

Ensure the location is listed as the remote witness room, represented by the RW letters [on the remote witness location field]. If not, click the location drop down box and select the remote witness room [from the list].

[User clicks the remote witness room location drop down list to display the options]

If the room is already booked for that date and time, you will need to select an alternate suitable room form this list.

Scroll down

[The user scrolls down]

Ensure both the court room and remote witness rooms display as green in the timeline. This confirms the room is available for the selected date and time.

When complete, click Save Appointment

[The user clicks the 'Save Appointment' button]

[A message displays onscreen confirming the appointment has been scheduled]

The Appointment has been scheduled

Click OK

[The user clicks ok. The user is returned to the home page]

You've now returned to the Home page

If you need to view or edit the appointment, locate it in the schedule

[User clicks the 'Schedule' Button. The schedule displays. The user locates the appointment in the schedule]

Then select the appointment to view the details

[The user clicks on the appointment name from the schedule. The Appointment details display]

From this screen you can view the appointment details, or click Edit to change or update the appointment

You can also view the history of an appointment by expanding the History section at the bottom of this screen

Thank you for watching

[end of video]

Last updated:

11 May 2023

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