Corrective Services NSW


Community integration

To integrate offenders into the general community and desist from crime

  • Assist inmates to adjust to community-based orders to maintain community safety.
  • Empower inmates to maintain family contact and relationships where it is safe to do so.
  • Assist families of inmates in relation to issues that arise as a result of incarceration e.g. child care and contact issues, illness and death in custody etc.
  • Assist with pre-release activities for inmates to reintegrate to the community and desist from crime
  • Facilitate access to pre-release planning activities including community service providers. These include but are not limited to community health, disability, education and training, employment, social security agencies and immigration agencies
  • Assist offenders identified as having a mental health impairment to access appropriate service agencies
  • Assist to offenders identified as having a cognitive, sensory or physical disability including aged and frail, to access appropriate service agencies 
  • Assist offenders with challenging behaviors who pose a security threat to others to promote community safety 
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