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Video Transcript JUST Connect Overview

Key areas demonstrated in this video include:

  1. The Login and Home page
  2. How to View the schedule
  3. How to Create appointments
  4. An overview of the Contacts page
  5. An overview of the Support page

[An introduction screen displays]

This video will provide an overview of the Department of Justice AVL scheduling system called JUST Connect.

This overview will cover key information such as

  • The home page
  • Viewing your schedule, and
  • Creating and managing appointments

In this example, I am a lawyer, working with Legal Aid. Please note that other JUST Connect users may see variations to the screens seen in this video, however the general processes and flow will remain the same.

[the JUST Connect login screen displays]

I will log into JUST Connect using my email address and password.

As I work for Legal Aid (a Justice agency), the password will be the same as my network login. If you're an external user, for example a private lawyer, you will be provided your password once registered.

As I work for Legal Aid, the password will be the same as my network login. This applies to all Department of Justice users.

If you're an external user, for example a private lawyer, you will be provided your password once registered.

[user enters an email address, a password, clicks the 'remember me' checkbox, then clicks the Login button]

[a terms and conditions of use screen displays]

On my first login only, I will need to read, then agree to, the Term & Conditions before I can proceed

[user selects the checkbox to agree to the terms and conditions. Then clicks the 'Agree and Continue' button]

The Home page displays.

From this page, you can view upcoming appointments, and appointments needing attention, for example appointments awaiting approval.

You can also select the options to Create an appointment, or view your Schedule.

First, let's take a look at the schedule.

[user clicks the 'View Schedule' button. The Schedule displays the current week]

The week view will display all appointments scheduled for the current week, please note this view may appear differently for other users.

The displayed week can be changed using the arrows at the top of the screen, or by selecting a date from the calendar.

Depending on your profile in JUST Connect, you may be able to view the schedule for different locations.

[user hovers the mouse over a timeslot on the calendar]

For some users, you can select a timeslot from this view of the schedule to begin the appointment creation process.

Next, let's look at our appointments per day

[user selects the option to view the schedule per day]

The Day view displays all appointments listed for the selected day. The day can be changed using the arrows at the top of the screen, or by selecting a date from the calendar.

The final schedule view is the Appointment List.

[user selects the option to view the schedule in a list of the selected days appointments]

The Appointment List is an alternative to the day view, and will display different information for various users. The Appointment List will summarise appointments per day, and per action, and will display all appointments, even those which have been cancelled or declined.

The Appointment List can be printed. To do this, select the Print icon at the top of the screen. This will download a PDF, which can then be opened and printed.

To clarify any of the symbols or icons used within JUST Connect, refer to the Icon Glossary.

Now that we've looked at the various schedule views, let's take a look at how to create an appointment in JUST Connect.

Appointments in JUST Connect can be started from either the Home page, or the Schedule. Click Create Appointment.

The New Appointment screen displays.

Complete the Agenda details by selecting from the drop down lists

[the user selects the appointment type drop down list and selects the option 'Correctional Meeting'. Then selects the mode as 'Video']

The Jurisdiction field will only display for certain user types

[the user selects the jurisdiction drop down list as 'Local Court']

…and select the purpose of the appointment

[the user selects 'Conference with Client' from the Purpose drop down list]

Scroll down to view the complete Attendee & Time section

[user scrolls down]

Update the Date and Time fields to reflect the date of the appointment, and the start and finish time. Please note you can manually type a time into the field if a different length of time is required.

[user clicks the date field, and then selects a date from the calendar pop up. The user then selects the 'From' time field, then selects a time of 11.30am from the drop down list that appears]

Once you've updated the date & time fields, you'll need to add attendees to the appointment. Click Add Attendee

[user clicks 'Add Attendee button']

The Add Attendee pop up window displays. You can select attendee types in any order; in this example, we want to add a Corrections Inmate to an appointment.

[user clicks 'Corrections Inmate' button]

To add a corrections inmate, I must first have their MIN (Master Identification Number). If I was adding a Juvenile Detainee, I need their CIMS (Client Information Management System) number to continue.

[use enters the MIN into field]

Once the MIN has been added, click Search

[user clicks Search]

The system will automatically verify that MIN with the Correctional Services system and will display the results onscreen.

[the name Colin Reilly associated to the MIN displays onscreen]

Click Select

[the pop up window closes and the appointment screen displays again]

The attendee has been added.

In this example, we'd also like to add a medical professional to the appointment. Click Add Attendee…

[the add attendee pop up window displays. The user clicks the 'Add Attendee' button, then clicks the 'Professional' button]

Then click Professional

Enter their name, email, VIN or CIMs to see if the professional is already registered in JUST Connect.

If many results are found, not all may be shown. Type more characters to narrow the search to a smaller list.

If no results are found, click Add New Attendee.

[the user clicks the 'Add new attendee' button]

The Add Attendee pop up window displays.

To add the attendee you'll need to enter their name, VIN or CIMS number, their email address and phone number.

[the user completes each of these fields]

The new attendee will receive an email from JUST Connect once the appointment is scheduled.

When complete, click Finish.

[the user clicks the 'finish' button. The pop up window closes and the appointment screens displays again]

The attendee has been added to the appointment.

If you require an interpreter, you'll need to flag that an interpreter will be present in the appointment by clicking Interpreting Service Required. Please note this does not book the interpreter themselves.

Scroll down to view the attendees and timeline areas

[the user scrolls down the page]

Locations and rooms may be changed for some attendees by selecting an option from the drop down list

[user clicks the location beside the appointment owner. This displays a drop down list of all locations attached to that user]

An option for 'Own device' can also be selected if the attendee will be connecting to the AVL appointment using their own device

The timeline at the bottom of the screen shows available times for each attendee and room. Unavailable times are greyed out for each attendee, or will display as a red box where a clash occurs with this appointment.

When all attendees have been added, and the time, date and locations have been updated, click Save Appointment

[user clicks 'save appointment']

The Appointment has been scheduled.

The invited attendees (excluding persons in-custody) will receive a notification email from JUST Connect.

You will return to the schedule.

Let's take a look at the appointment we just created. Navigate through the schedule to locate the appointment.

The appointment now displays in the schedule.

Select the appointment to view and manage the details.

[the appointment details screen displays]

From the details view, you may be able to edit or cancel the appointment.

You can also view a log of any changes to the appointment by expanding the History section

[a pop up displays onscreen showing an appointment with a history section]

Next, let's take a look at the contacts screen.

[user selects the Contacts page from the top of the screen]

The Contacts page acts as a location directory, displaying all locations where a physical AVL room exists. You can select a location to display it on the map.

[The user selects the Support page from the top of the screen]

The Support page contains key information and files that may assist you when using JUST Connect.

[on the support page, the user highlights the Contact us page link]

The Contact Us page displays the contact details for the JUST Connect support team. Please direct any enquiries or feedback through this team…

Thank you for watching

Last updated:

07 Jun 2023

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