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What version of internet browser do I need? e.g. Google Chrome or Internet Explorer

JUST Connect works as expected on browser versions Chrome v.56 or Internet Explorer v11 (or higher).  Tablet/ iPad users should download the Chrome browser to access JUST Connect.

How do I check the version of Chrome on my computer?

  1. Open your Chrome browser.
  2. Select the options menu, or three vertical dots, in the top right corner of your browser window (next to the favourites star)
  3. Scroll down to highlight Help
  4. Select About Google Chrome to view the browser version number.

Does the system automatically update to cater for daylight savings time?


Does the new system change any rules about letting Private Solicitors use Legal Aid AVL facilities?

No. Existing Legal Aid business processes should continue to be followed.  

Appointment Information

Why do I need to select Jurisdiction each time I make a booking?

JUST Connect provides enhanced reporting capability for Professional agencies.

Can I see a log of any changes that have happened to an appointment?  

Yes. All changes made to an appointment are detailed in the History section on the appointment details screen.   

When do I get notifications regarding changes to an appointment location?

After the appointment is edited or cancelled

Why is my appointment ‘pending’?

E.g. the following appointments will require approval by a Corrective Services or Juvenile Justice staff member:

  • Appointments with an inmate in custody where the appointment is made 3pm the day prior ( Inc if Keith creates at his own location before 3pm, he will still need to approve it!)
  • All appointments with an inmate at HRMCC Goulburn facility
  • All Family and friend appointments
  • All appointments with juveniles in custody

What are the rules for a Correctives Officer to mark 'Did not occur' on an appointment?  

To ensure accurate reporting, the Officer-in-charge of AVL at each location is required to indicate any scheduled appointments that did not occur.

Is a phone call, interview and training also an appointment in JUST Connect?

Yes. Booking a Peer to Peer appointment secures the AVL equipment and rooms required to complete the phone call, interview or training appointment.

Why was MIN or CIMS chosen to be entered rather than Inmate name and date of birth?

Entering the inmate's MIN or Detainees CIMS ensures the inmate details are returned based on the master record.  Using the MIN will help to eliminate incorrect requests where aliases exist.

For how long after the meeting will the meeting information be stored in JUST Connect?

JUST Connect does not delete meetings that have been scheduled in the system. Logged in users can view past appointments using the schedule view.

Are the appointment cancellation reasons reported on?

Yes. It is critical an accurate cancellation reason is added to each cancelled appointment.

As a Legal Aid LSO/AVL Coordinator, can I see all appointments where the external private practitioner and/or medical practitioner is attending the appointment with their own device?

Yes. On the schedule page, the Legal Aid LSO/AVL Coordinator should select the Appointment List view, and then select the Own Device option from the location list. This will display a list of all appointments where an external private practitioner and/or medical professional is attending the appointment using their own device.

If I add an interpreter to a video call, can I utilise a telephone interpreter as per the current process?

Yes. Remember that booking and coordination of the interpreter is the responsibility of the Professional.  Selecting ‘Add an Interpreter’ provides an indication that an interpreter will be joining the AVL conference.

After adding an interpreter to the appointment, is there any option to go back in and enter the Interpreter name and details to the invite so the interpreter can receive notifications?

You cannot add the interpreter themselves to a JUST Connect appointment. You must follow standard business procedures when booking interpreters. However, notes can be added when creating appointments and you can include the name of the interpreter there if required.


When an inmate moves location after the appointment has been scheduled will JUST Connect automatically reschedule my appointment at the new location?

No. JUST Connect will notify the appointment owner that the appointment has been cancelled; a specific reason will not be displayed, for further information please call Sentence Admin.  The appointment owner will need to login to JUST Connect and Create a new appointment, once Sentence Admin provide the updated facility.

Will inmates in transit show up on JUST Connect?

No. The inmate status check returns a notification to JUST Connect (which is not visible to users) that indicates whether the inmate is on location/ available for a scheduled appointment OR not available.

If OIMS/ CIMS has a status of ‘In transit’ this is not communicated to the appointment owner, however JUST Connect will display a message advising the user to contact Sentence Admin. 

Does JUST Connect automatically update an appointment with the inmates new location (if an inmate moves locations)

No. The appointment will be cancelled and a cancelled notification will be sent.  An updated appointment will need to be created for the new location.

Are there daily times that the inmate location check is done?

JUST Connect runs a check in OIMS/ CIMS at 5am each day. Any relevant identified inmate status changes will prompt JUST Connect to cancel a scheduled appointment. Professional attendees will receive a notification and Centre staff see the appointment display as Cancelled.

Why, when selecting a Correctional Centre, does the system not give me the opportunity to select a room when the location shows?

JUST Connect automatically selects an available suite for the selected date and time at the Correctional Centre location of the inmate.

As a Correctives AVL Officer, do I need to do any validation or checks when own device is selected by a legal professional for a video conference with an inmate?

Current procedure should continue to be followed, the replacement of VCSS with JUST Connect for scheduling AVL appointments has no impact on existing agency processes and policy.

For the future Courts Release, will Legal Aid staff have access to make bookings in Courtrooms, for e.g. when a solicitor wants to have a meeting with a client directly before a Court appearance?

No. Courtroom bookings will always be the responsibility of Court Registrars.

Can anyone select own device or is special software or equipment required to conduct AVL conferences?

From the 'Add Attendee' window, selecting the dropdown arrow next to the professional attendee's location provides the option to select 'Own device'. This is an option suitable for Professionals that use their phone, or have pre-existing access to Jabber (the software that enables connection with Justice AVL) on their own mobile tablet or desktop computer with a webcam.

Custody List

When is the Custody List data retrieved from both OIMS and CIMS?

At approximately 5am each morning, JUST Connect receives the Custody List information from OIMS, the Correctives system, and CIMS, the Juvenile Justice system. This is the only update JUST Connect receives per day.

Any changes that occur after this time will need to be manually dealt with, as per previous business procedures.

What circumstances will a Court Officer phone the correctional facility?

You will need to phone the correctional or detention facility when the Mode is listed as ‘Cells’ or ‘Phone’. For any ‘Video’ appearances, you should use JUST Connect. You may also be required to call if requested by the correctional or detention facility.

Processes to phone correctional facilities do not change following the implementation of JUST Connect.

Custody List – Court Officer - What do I do if the inmate is listed as cells, however they’ve been changed to video on the day (e.g. they’ve missed the truck)

In the instance where the Custody List states the inmate or detainee will be attending via cells (docs), however they’re changed on the day, you will need to manually phone the correctional or Juvenile Justice location.

Custody List – Court Officer - What is the process when the Appearance Type is listed as ‘Cells’?

When the Appearance type is listed as ‘Cells’, Court Officers should follow the standard business procedure by calling the cells downstairs/in the building or police cells.

Custody List – Court Officer - Can I change my location or room number during the day?

If you need to change your location and/or room, you must log out of JUST Connect, and then log back in again. Once logged back in, you can re-set your location or room on the Custody List page.

What happens if JUST Connect crashes or I lose internet connection?

In the rare event that you may lose internet connect or access to JUST Connect, you will need to revert to manual processes by calling the Correctional or Detention centre.


An attendee to an appointment is not receiving notifications, what should they do?

Check in their Manage tab within JUST Connect to ensure they have to option selected to receive notifications, and check the email address listed to receive them. Also check the junk mailbox. If the issue cannot be resolved by the user, contact JUST Connect Support on 02 8759 0010 or email

Can users select an alternate email address to receive email notifications?

Yes. Users can enter an alternate email address where they wish email notifications to be sent. This can be done on the Account page within JUST Connect.   

How do I on board a psychologist who has a Justice email has no VIN number.  

Just Connect Support will on board all staff with a – email address

How do I on board someone when they've they sent me a form?

A non justice employee can be added to the system by a Location Manager via the Manage tab within JUST Connect. Go to Manage > Users > Add new attendee

I am changing my email address with DTS (Help Desk) , I have changed my surname, does that effect my log in to JUST Connect?

Yes. You will need to log in with your new email address and use your Windows password.

I have a Legal Aid Professional who has a wrong VIN number- OIMS has 1234 but Solicitor has 456 belonging to someone else

Please contact the JUST Connect Support Team who will be able to assist with your query.

How will I update my information if my default location changes or phone number changes?

Please speak to your Location Manager who can update these for you. If you require more detailed updates, please contact JUST Connect Support on 02 8759 0010 or email

What are the SLA's around notifying the support team when a Private agency or ALS staff no longer requires access to JUST Connect?

JUST Connect Support must be notified within the same business day.

What do I do if the system says 'no rooms available' but I know that the room is available?

JUST Connect rooms have been configured with available times provided by each agency Service Owner and location. If a room is displaying as unavailable in JUST Connect it is either because the room is already allocated to another appointment or the room is unavailable for booking as it has been blocked out by a Location Manager/ for special purpose.  

There are two indicators that a room in unavailable in JUST Connect; 

  1. when creating the appointment, the timeline will display with a red box and diagonal line fill pattern; this indicates the room is unavailable. 

  2. when creating the appointment, the timeline displays a red box with no fill pattern; this indicates the room has been set up in JUST Connect, however has not become available to use at that point in time (for example a new room is being established)

If you believe there is an error with a particular location or room availability, please contact your Location Manager. If they are unable to resolve the issue, please contact JUST Connect Support on 02 8759 0010 or email

Last updated:

22 Jun 2023

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