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Corrective Services Industries (CSI)

The commercial arm of Corrective Services NSW, CSI operates over 100 commercial business units and service industries teams, strategically located in metro and regional correctional centres across NSW. Industry benefits from access to an increasing range of manufacturing and other service capabilities provided by inmates, and inmates benefit by gaining work skills that enhance employment opportunities on release and successful reintegration into the community.​​

CSI market's a diverse range of products and services and contribute to the self sustainability of NSW Corrections.

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Animal Care Programs and Wildlife Rescue

Corrective Services NSW (CSNSW) has a range of animal programs which have vocational and training components for inmates in NSW correctional centres. All these programs are conducted as joint ventures between CSNSW and not-for-profit animal care organisations. All inmates who participate in these programs must undergo a specific selection process, must be willing to undertake training and have the aptitude to work with animals.

CSNSW provides custodial and community-based services and programs to reduce re-offending and enhance community safety. Therefore, the main focus of offender management is to provide programs designed to change behaviour and so reduce the risks of re-offending.

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Arts and craft

Art behind bars

Many inmates in NSW prisons produce artwork, often of significant quality. Some of this is available for sale to the public at reasonable prices. Most of the purchase price is paid to the inmate, who can buy items while in prison (eg. extra food and toiletries, art materials) or save for when they leave prison.

Painting and other forms of art provide a range of benefits for inmates, including having an engaging form of activity when locked in cells and the acquisition of skills useful on release. In total these activities contribute to a more positive experience of time in prison and, hopefully, a more successful eventual reintegration into the community. 

One of the things we know about offenders is that many of them have difficulty finding constructive ways to use their leisure time. Art may provide a new outlet for this so can be good for offenders and for society.

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14 Jun 2023

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