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  1. If you have an existing relationship with a criminal lawyer, this lawyer should be advised by yourself or your family of your change in location as soon as you come into custody.
  2. If you don't have an existing criminal lawyer when you come into custody, you can obtain the services of a solicitor (lawyer) by contacting Legal Aid NSW, the Aboriginal Legal Service or a private solicitor of your choice.  You will need to let your solicitor know which correctional centre you are in, and that you wish to establish a client-solicitor relationship.
  3. You or your solicitor can arrange the first and subsequent visits to the correctional centre by phone or letter.
  4. You can arrange to include the phone number of your criminal lawyer on your phone card.  You are allowed 6 personal phone numbers and 4 professional phone numbers on this card.
  5. Your solicitor can also book a phone call to you using the centre’s audio video conferencing system.  The solicitor will need to contact the correctional centre to arrange this.   
  6. Accredited solicitors have a statutory right to visit their clients in any correctional centre.
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04 Dec 2020

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