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In April 2020, Correctives Services NSW (CSNSW) introduced video visits to support inmates and their families to maintain social connections while in-person visits were suspeneded to reduce the risk of COVID-19 entering the correctional system. The success of video visits and the positive feedback from family, friends and inmates has been overwhelming and video visits will now be a permanent fixture even once in-person visits resume. 

How to request a video visit with an offender in custody

Family and friends are asked to call the relevant correctional centre where the inmate is located to schedule a video visit. The visits staff will ask you for your name, Visitor Identification Number (VIN), the Master Index Number (MIN) of the inmate you wish to contact. You will also be asked to provide your email address and mobile phone number so that you will receive SMS/ email notifications regarding your schedule video visit.  

If you are not sure which correctional centre the inmate is located in, call Sentence Administration Corporate on (02) 8346 1000 between 8:30am-4:30pm Monday - Friday.

A person who intends on scheduling Family Video Contact with an inmate located at the High Risk Management Correctional Centre must apply in writing to the Governor for approval.

Phone numbers for correctional centres can be found here

What are the rules for video visits with an inmate in custody?

In order for family and friends to have a video visit with an inmate there are rules that must be followed, they are listed below. Should any participant of the video visit breach any of these rules it will result in the termination of the video visit. Further, if necessary visitors can be banned from video visits under clause 108 of the Crimes (Administration of Sentences) Act.

  • Each adult visitor booked and on screen is required to show to the camera a valid form of photographic Identification (ID) to visits staff. A list of ID accepted by CSNSW can be found in COPP section 10.1 Visits to inmates by family and friends (PDF , 364.3 KB) at subsection 2.1 Initial identification requirements.
  • To confirm your identity, visits staff may request a visitor to remove any face coverings. Refer to COPP section 10.1 Visits to inmates by family and friends (PDF , 364.3 KB) at subsection 2.6 Removal of face-covering. 
  • At no time are any visitors allowed to use a 3rd party device (a device not used to connect to the video visit such as tablets, mobile phones, laptops) to display/ show anything to the inmate, or to connect them via phone call to a person not listed in the video visit booking.
  • Once the video visit has started, no one else can connect via a separate device.
  • Any person who has not been listed on the visits booking form that appears on screen/ communicates with the inmate will result in the video visit being terminated by the OIC of Visits.
  • Video recording/ capturing screen shots by visitors is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply will result in the termination of the video visit. 
  • Visitors and inmates must maintain an acceptable standard of behaviour. Aggressive, obscene or sexual behaviour will not be tolerated and will result in the video visit will be terminated. 
  • Visits staff will inform visitors and inmates prior to the start of the video visit that the inmate cannot touch the tablet for any reason during the video visit and failure to comply will result in the video visit being terminated.
  • Visitors must maintain an acceptable standard of dress, no nudity or partial nudity.
  • All family and friend video visits are subject to monitoring by the Officer in Charge (OIC) of visits.

How can I check that my video visit has been scheduled?

Once you have contacted the correctional centre to schedule a video visit, visits staff will confirm whether or not your request has been approved.

If approved, you will receive an email from JUST Connect which will confirm the details of the video visit, including:

  • The visit type (Family and Friend) video.
  • The visit date and time.
  • Inmates name and MIN.
  • The visitor/s that are approved to attend the video visit.
  • The number/ link that is used to connect to the video visit.
  • Information regarding what you need to do and rules of the video visit are also provided.

What software will I use to make the video visit from home?

The email that you receive from JUST Connect will provide you with either a Zoom 10 digit number or a link to Jabber or Webex (MRRC pilot only).  

If your visit is part of the Webex Pilot, please refer to the Webex User Guide forFamily and Friends (PDF , 624.5 KB).

If you are provided with a 10 digit number, please refer to the Zoom User Guide for Family and Friends.pdf (PDF , 4.3 MB)

If you are provided with a link, please refer to the Jabber Guest Guide for Family and Friends.pdf (PDF , 1.1 MB) 

Can I cancel my video visit?

You can cancel your video visit by contacting the Correctional Centre or if you have access,  logging into JUST Connect, finding the relevant video call and clicking Cancel Visit. You will be required to provide a reason. Refer to the JUST Connect Guide for Families (PDF , 440.4 KB) for more information. 

Why did I need to provide a mobile number and email address?

The day of your video visit you will receive a SMS reminder from JUST Connect. 

JUST Connect Self Service Support (trial phase, select centres only)

We are trialing a self-service online booking system for video visits. We will keep you informed once this is available at other correctional centre locations. Click the linke for more information about our self-service online booking system.

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03 Dec 2020

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