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Community-based orders

An offender may be placed on a diverse range of community-based court orders. Community supervision contributes to the community's safety by imposing a penalty within a framework of constructive offender case management.

Community Corrections Officers develop a case management plan for individual offenders in the community which is based upon an objective risk assessment.

The offender is assisted in the development of pro-social goals and skills directed towards a law-abiding lifestyle. Supervision in the community incorporates a range of intervention strategies, requiring the Community Corrections Officer to have regular contact with the offender, both at an office and in the offender's home, as well as contact with significant people in the offender's life and other checks to monitor compliance with conditions of the court order.

Case work intervention may also involve offenders participating in a group work program targeting and addressing their offending behaviour. Community Corrections Officers actively engages with the wider community to link offenders to appropriate services and support in the community.

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