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Casual correctional officers may be employed to fill short-term roles as required, or to undertake work that is irregular or intermittent, or to carry out work that is urgent or to deal with an emergency.  They are required to work in a number of correctional centres or court complexes in the Sydney metropolitan area and in selected regional centres and need to be available to work as part of a 24-hour roster.

Employment is on a casual basis and there can be no expectation of ongoing or regular work.

Recruitment campaigns for casual correctional officers will be conducted from time to time and will be advertised on the jobsnsw site. There are currently no recruitment campaigns for these roles.

If you have missed out on previous campaigns why not set up an applicant profile on jobsnsw.

You can find further information about being a Casual Correctional Office below:

The role of a casual correctional officer

Casual correctional officers:

  • supervise the behaviour and activities of inmates on a daily basis in accordance with the correctional centre/court complex's routine or structured day
  • interact with inmates and respond to their needs through the provision of services in an appropriate manner within relevant guidelines and rules
  • participate in the reception, induction and discharge of inmates in accordance with relevant policies and guidelines
  • undertake searches and perform escort duties of inmates
  • work in a 24x7 environment and provide a timely response to any emergency or breach of security
  • prepare and submit accurate incident reports/statements/records, concerning notifiable incidents
  • ensure personal conduct is highly professional and appearance conforms to official standards at all times
  • act at all times in accordance with the CSNSW Guide to Conduct and Ethics.

What type of person are we looking for?

All applicants for a position of casual correctional officer must undertake a suitability assessment. As these officers are required to function in a highly professional manner and in a tightly controlled environment, it is vital that they have demonstrated skills and attitudes which contribute to effective people management.

Casual correctional officers must have good communication skills, be non-judgmental in their dealings with inmates, apply rules and regulations in a fair and consistent manner, show integrity and courage and be fit and healthy.

We are looking for people who have the ability and willingness to:

  • work as a casual correctional officer at various centres within NSW
  • undertake training as a casual correctional officer
  • work in a team-based and structured environment
  • act with integrity, impartiality and compassion
  • communicate appropriately with people from all backgrounds, sometimes in stressful situations
  • actively participate in initiatives focused on the humane management of inmates and reducing the risk of re-offending.

Note: Current full-time employees of Corrective Services NSW are not eligible for employment as a casual correctional officer.

Training – what is involved?

If you are offered employment as a casual correctional officer, you must meet the training requirements relevant for this role. Your training begins with an 9 week full-time paid course at the Brush Farm Corrective Services Academy. The course is designed to equip you to function in the various fields of correctional duties and to meet the needs and demands of correctional centre management.

The Academy is recognised as an industry leader and one of the finest training institutions of its type. Some limited accommodation may be available at the Academy for those from outside the Sydney metropolitan area whilst in training.

The training is intensive and very demanding. It involves face-to-face program delivery, weapons training and survival training. Subjects covered will include:

  • case management and counselling
  • correctional centre procedures, managing inmates from minority or special needs groups, weapons use, social issues
  • human relations and understanding the law and its applications in correctional facilities.

Application requirements

To be eligible to apply for the position of casual correctional officer you must:

  • be a person of good character
  • undertake general ability and psychological suitability testing, and be competitive in that process in order to be progressed to interview
  • undertake an interview and be competitive in that process in order to be considered for employment
  • possess or have the willingness to obtain a current First Aid Certificate (issued by a WorkCover accredited provider) prior to commencing duty
  • meet the medical standards required by Corrective Services NSW
  • meet the probity standards required by Corrective Services NSW, including a criminal record check
  • receive satisfactory referee and employment checks.
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11 May 2023

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