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Victims Register for victim/survivors of adult offenders

Are you a victim of an adult offender serving a sentence?

The Corrective Services New South Wales (CSNSW) Victims Register may share certain information about offenders who are serving a sentence in New South Wales as a result of a criminal act against victims. We aim to provide you with a responsive and supportive service to support you during this difficult time. 

For more information about the CSNSW Victims Register, please read our fact sheet. (PDF, 742.2 KB)

Our fact sheet is also available in ةيبرعلا (Arabic) (PDF, 270.6 KB)中文简体 (Chinese) (PDF, 315.8 KB)हिन्दी (Hindi) (PDF, 288.2 KB)ESPAÑOL (Spanish) (PDF, 282.7 KB)and Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese) (PDF, 276.9 KB).

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Applying for the CSNSW Victims Register

CSNSW Victims Register Application form

You can apply using the CSNSW Victims Register Online Application Form.

If you are unable to use the online application form then you can apply using the CSNSW Victims Register PDF Application Form (PDF, 1.8 MB)


Who is eligible

You can apply to go on the CSNSW Victims Register if: 

  • you are a victim of an offence for which the adult offender has been sentenced, or 
  • you are a family representative of such a victim of crime – if the victim of crime is deceased, incapacitated or under 18 years of age. 

There are situations in which more than one family representative can be registered. If this could apply to your circumstances, please give us a call to further discuss the issues. 

Who is not eligible

Anyone who was not directly involved in the offence for which the offender is currently sentenced, such as: 

  • a witness or bystander uninjured by the offence;
  • a member of the family but not the victim of the offence (other than a family representative);
  • an unrelated individual interested in following the progress of the offender;
  • a community representative or group.

Relevant Crimes

Any crime for which an offender has received a custodial sentence.

Benefits of registration

  • You receive information on the offender’s sentence and what is likely to happen throughout their time in custody. 
  • You will receive information on your rights under the legislation.
  • You will receive support to have your say and make submissions, where the legislation allows.
  • On request, we will provide you with an annual update of the offender’s location in custody and security classification.

Victim submissions

Victim submissions for unescorted leave or parole considerations

If an offender is eligible to be considered for unescorted leave or parole, the CSNSW Victims Register will contact registered victims to explain the upcoming process and let them know whether they are able to make a submission. 

The purpose of the submission is for registered victims to express their views and request any conditions that they feel should be imposed on the offender, should leave or parole be granted. 

Placing a submission is optional and victims should not feel obliged to provide a submission. The CSNSW Victims Register can provide assistance with preparing a submission. If leave or parole is declined, a victim’s submission can be carried forward to the next consideration. Submissions are always held confidential and not released to an offender, unless a victim consents.

For more information about the parole process, please read our information booklets:

After an application is submitted, the CSNSW Victims Register will always contact the victim to confirm that their registration has been finalised.

Contact the CSNSW Victims Register

For further information about information on our website or to request information about an offender, please contact the CSNSW Victims Register during business hours (9am-5pm, Monday to Friday).

Phone 02 8688 0555


Post Locked Bag 5111

Parramatta NSW 2124  

Other support for victims of crime

Government agencies

Victims Services

Victims Access Line - 1800 633 063

Provides information to victims of crime about their rights and how to access financial assistance and counselling. 

Business hours: 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Specialist Victims Support Service

1800 633 063, then choose option for Specialist Victims Support Services

This service maintains ​the register for victims of forensic patients. 

Youth Justice Victims Register

02 8688 9139

​​​The register for victims of young offenders.

Community victim support and advocacy groups

Homicide Victims Support Group

1800 191 777

General Enquiries: 8833 8400

​​A support group for the families of homicide victims.

​Enough is Enough Anti Violence Movement

02 9542 4029

​Provides counselling and delivers community programs.

​​Victims of Crime Assistance League (VOCAL)

02 4926 2711

​Support for victims of crime in the Hunter region including counselling and court preparation support and advocacy.

​Survivors and Mates Support Network (SAMSN)

1800 472 676

Provide counselling, group programs and support to male survivors of child sexual assault and their families.

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08 May 2024

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